Sunday, May 08, 2005


This mothers day I would like to express how much I appreciate both of my mothers, how much I admire single moms, and single dads who do it all on there own with no help from anyone.
First, to my mom who adopted me when I was three days old. You took me home and treated me as if I was your own. You kissed my boo boo's and held me when I had nightmares. You gave me everything I needed and taught me right from wrong. You gave me love and comfort when I was young. When I grew up you comforted me when good friends died young, taught me that first loves don't last forever, and held me while I cried for a month because I had to put my horse down. When I got married the first time and didn't invite you, you had a reception for me anyway. When I had my first child you where right there holding my hand, then you where full of advice I didn't take, but I appreciated it anyway. When my first marriage fell apart you where the one who told me to come home. Every time I had a problem you where there to yell and tell me how dumb I was and then help me out however you could.
I love you mom, thank you so much for everything you have done, and everything you haven't.
For my Birth mother Donna, I thank you for giving me life and letting me go, even though you didn't know that's what you where doing, it turned out for the best for everyone. Thankyou for being my friend and mother now, Knowing you for the past 13 years has been an absolute joy. Thank you for your love and support and lack of judgement. I love you mother.
For all those single moms out there, moms that feel like there single even though there not, working moms, and stay at home moms, and moms that don't have a clue. You are all priceless and appreciated even if you don't feel it.
For all those single dads out there HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! You deserve it, its not easy for a man to be mom, and yet you all do it so well.
For everyone who has ever given birth to a tiny helpless being and let the child go to someone you knew or didn't know. God bless you and thankyou and WOW you are soooo much stronger then I could ever be.
For those of you who raised a child for awhile and then something happend to where you could no longer take care of your baby or someone took it from you, I am sorry for your pain, especially on this day. Some where out there someone is loving you and missing you.
Much love to every mom and every dad, the job you are doing is hard, it is stressfull, it is worth every single moment, every breath and every heart beat..... Have a great day!

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