Monday, May 16, 2005

Some Stuffers

Not to sure what to post about today so I thought I would just do a list. I love lists!!!
Things That Inspire Me:
1) Poetry
2) The laughter of children
3) Driving down the freeway and seeing a house in the distance. I wonder about the lives of the people or person who live there.
4) The sun hitting the water at sunset.
5) Gospel singing, ( The kind you hear in the south)
6) The moon
7) watching animals in the wild
8) great resteraunts
9) washing the dishes
10) Hot showers
11) My sister quitting smoking, I have set a date to try and do the same, I even joined the Amercian Lung Associations Quit Smoking Online Thingy
12) Horse Racing
13) Superstitions
14) Babies
15) The absolute fruitless effort of a fly attempting to get out of a closed window.( they never stop, they just know they want out and they never give up until they die or someone opens the damn window!)
16) Friendship
17) Forgiveness
18) Letting go
19) Symphonies
20) Ballet
21) Eagles Flying
22) Grass growing
23) Mother Nature
24) Survivors
25) Victims of crime who become survivors
26) The elderly
27) Mt. Dew
28) Comics, such as Steve Martin, JIm Carrey, Roseann, Ellen, Ray, Adam Sandler...
29) Writers such as Stephen King, Jean M. Auel, Mercedes Lackey, Anne Rice...
30) Robins taking a bath in a mud puddle
31)The diversity of religions out there and the fact that they are all here for a reason.
32) The comfort I get when my mom holds my hand
34) All the wonderful people here in blogland
35) Rock Music
36) THe mysterious and marvelous ways in which god works in our lives
37) My kids
38) my dog
39) my cat
40) Mt. Dew
41) Old love and New love, and just Love period
42) suprises
44) Waking up in the morning and realizing I am still here
45) The wind,and the rain
Something to ponder...
Why in the world was the lady at the grocerie store smiling so broadly as she put cucumbers in her cart one after the other after the other???????

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