Thursday, May 19, 2005


Counting slowly down from 10000000000000...
Today is not the day to piss me off as the lady from Sally Mae learned....DO NOT YELL AT MEEEEE BITCH...You willll be sorry I gaurantee it. I don't take kindly to being yelled at on any day..
But when I haven't had a cigarette for 16 gad dang hours I tell ya what.. The world had better be walking on egg shells today. Today I would knock out budda if he looked at me wrong. I would tell god himself EXACTLY where he could go.. Thank goodness those two are forgiving huh. At any rate this stupid bitch decided to yell at me. I asked her three times why was she yelling at me.Everytime she said very rudely." I am not yelling at you DENISE" Hmm then why can I hear the gal next to you telling you not to yell at me??HMMMMMM bitch.. After she yelled at me the fourth time I let her have it.
I told her in no uncertain terms right where she could put her little consolidation loan and I let her know that she aught to work for the government because she was so good at lying, and then I let her know exactly what I thought of her stupid ass calling me and YELLING at me that I needed to do this or my taxes would be taken at the end of the year again.. oh yeah hurt me where I don't give a flying fuck why don't you.When you call my ass and try to get me to spend more money and go into debt with someone else and you yell at me about it none the less, just watch out for your job..I called Sally Mae.MMMM HHHMMM Dont mess with a Queen! Especially on her first day of being a non-smoker.

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