Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Winds of Change

It is amazing to me, how quickly things can change. Minds, circumstances, underwear...
Yesterday I was going to be fucked royally. Homeless even.
Carless, and minus a cherished friend.
Today, we saw a house.
A very large one story house, with a semi mother in law apartment at the back of it. In town, small lot, 5 bedrooms.
PERFECT! We looked, we saw, we called, we met the landlord, we gave him info, he checked us out, called us back, took some money, we move in this weekend!!!!!!
I am so very, very, very, very, relieved. The kids will have a roof over their heads, a very nice roof to boot, and there own little rooms! And a huge playroom/rec room. Daezee will have a small fenced in yard area to run around in and not get hit by a car. Its close to everything still. Washer and dryer hookups, wood burning stove..(HUGE ASS SIGH)
I just cannot express how much better I feel, yes it means that it will be longer before I get a car. But that is okay,
I would much rather have the place to live. Earlier today all I could do was cry, and try not to vomit. I was so upset I didn't even want to get out of bed. Believe me I am going to be stuffing money away for just in case, cover my ass kinda rainy day fund. Just in case I need to purchase plane, train, or bus tickets. Or I need gas to get somewhere far,far away.
I am not EVER going to be caught in a position like this again..
Sorry about the ah, language of yesterdays post. Anger and I do not mix well. At least it doesn't happen often.
Today is now a much better day so I am HAPPY !:):)
Have a wonderful evenin and mornin all.

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