Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Little Stuff

Life has a funny way of letting you know you are only human.
I have been running around blogville today ( just as I do every other day)and I have found some pretty cool stuff, some pretty sad stuff, and some pretty funny stuff.The two saddest things I found were the death of someones friend, a mother and wife who will be missed. The other is that a friend of mine who is OLD(heh heh heh) and is fighting a TIMMY ( inoperable brain tumor) is going to take a vacation from blogging, something he really enjoys because some wise ass had to make a rude and uncalled for comment.THIS angers me greatly..The cool stuff I found was a great post by dl, all about her day at a lake, this post was beautiful and sooo vivid it made me cry.. the funny stuff I always find when I visit Ol hoss. That OLD man is hilarious.I would have provided links here in the post but, Um, heh, I don't know how. SO please visit my side bar and click on the links there for Tish, Trucker Bob, Dl, and Ol' Hoss.
I can tell you now you won't regret it.For one reason or another you will laugh, cry, or just get pissed. Its worth the ride though I tell you what.
Also consider taking a trip to visit my friend steelcowboy for some great insight. And a lady who loves mirrors, at looking glass houses for some funny funny tips on how to clean your linoleum spotless while having a great time!! Don't let your kids read it though!!!
I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful wonderful day...

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