Thursday, May 05, 2005

I am like-really confused

I don't know what to think. I may possibly be losing my mind. Bibs and I went to talk to a man about a house. He wanted 700$ a month for it. There is a HUGE ass gap in the ceiling of the bathroom, and another smaller hole. In the living room ceiling there are holes. There is an old fireplace, covered over in pressboard and fake brick and someone at some point decided to try to break into it and maybe start a fire. There is NO chimney people! The idiocy of such a thing boggles my mind. There are hard wood floors in the living room that have seen WAY better days and he didn't want to carpet them or put any work into refurbishing them.The carpet in the hallway had pretty much been painted white. In the closet in the hallway there was still garbage from the previous tenant. Also in the living room was a book case and an entertainment center from same. The oven is gas and is maybe as big as a large shoe box. Pathetic, the back yard was nicely fenced in but the grass was up to my hips and I am not a short person! Also in the backyard was the access to the basement. the cement stairway cut into the middle of the yard but he didn't want me to put a fence up around it. There were like ten baby gates strung together and wrapped partially around the steps, his comment to me was that I should just straighten out the gate and then call it good. He refused to show us the basement. And he wanted a two hundred dollar damage deposit. I tell ya what dude, you give me two hundred dollars and I'll send the big bad wolf over to blow the place down...It wouldn't take more then one big breath. The floors where tilting and mushy, the walls (no shit!) MOVED when you leaned against them.....JEBUS CHRIBIST. NO WAY !!!!
I wouldn't move in there if you paid me a million dollars a day for the next 50 years.
On the upswing he said he would take it off the rent if we made any improvements and we would only have to pay a 75$ pet deposit for three cats and a dog. Catch this though. The reason he wanted a 200$ damage deposit was because of how many people would be living there! Hmm yes we will pee on the floor to mark out our territory...
This guy is an idiot. I offered to give him 500$ a month and the 75$ deposit, But because I was going to put carpet in and fix some stuff that is ALL I would pay and the first month had to be prorated. NOPE, he says 675$ a month, prorated, you pay for the carpet and 200$ deposit. Frickin idiot. Well I wish him luck. I am confused as to how this guy thinks for one minute that the house shouldn't be condemned. Stupid fucking Jerk!!!!
Now I don't have any clue what to frickin do. The only thing I can think of is to talk to my parents and see if we can stay here for a few months or whatever until we find a suitable place where we will all be safe. And where all the animals will be accepted.
In the meantime everything is on hold.

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