Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Change in plans holy crap!!!!!Not again!!!

Welcome to my world. the world of people changing there frickin minds!
Plans have changed drastically. We are no longer moving to Mississippi or Florida we are staying here and hopefully will be moving just up the road.
This is ridiculous. But it is also true. I have sold my car and given away all my belongings for the most part, and given away pets to prepare for a long ass move. Prepared myself and my children to be far away from everyone and everything we have ever known just to have plans change. We are now going to do the business here and Derek is going to move here in a year or so. He is just going to do the jobs whenever he is here dropping off loads. And he is going to do it there in Florida. So that is the story of my life. So I no longer need multiple guest bloggers, I have asked dl if she would guest for me tomarrow as I will be very busy tomarrow and probably the next day. I don't know if she will have the time. I asked her to let me know. So if you see her here don't be surprised:)
Well I am sure that you will all have alot to say about this, and alot of questions. I am more then happy to answer them. I am not really sure why this all came about this way. Apperently God just felt that I needed to offload a bunch of stuff because other people needed it and I didn't.
Which that is great with me. When that happens it just tells me that there is something out there that I am supposed to have and I needed to make room for it. Well no that I have shocked the crap out of everyone I have to pee so I am gonna go..... ARRGGGG sometimes my life confuses me.......

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