Saturday, May 14, 2005

what nots

I have a lot to say, I just don't have the words.
I have been inspired, by so many other's worlds.
It is an amazing thing to me.
That we are all the same.
Different shapes and different possibilities.
Different colors and different experiences.
Yet here we are blood and bone,
flesh and soul.
Equal on every plane.
Mysterious and predictable.
Marvelous, and insane.
I don't know which way to say,
How much each and every precious life.
Has effected me today.
I've sat here at my computer desk laughing at times,
And crying tears of anger and sorrow because
Of some elses pain.
Feeling sorry for myself lately,
I let it pass me by.
There are folks who have it worse out there.
While others have it better.
My jealousies, and anxieties mean nothing,
When stepping back I see,
The wonder of gods plan,
Whats in store for you and me.
Betrayal is but a moment,
Heartache but a stain.
Love is is what lasts forever,
forgiveness is a song best sung,
With no thought of gain.

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