Sunday, May 29, 2005


I am hurting so bad!!! I had to come home early, I couldn't go up and down the stairs anymore. I hurt myself very badly today, I fell from about five feet up and hurt my ankle and foot, my back, hips, keister, shoulder, and arm. my knee, I almost fell over the embankment. I thought I was gonna so I grabbed a tree root to save myself from that, thats what hurt my arm. Anyway, I walked it off a bit, then it began to hurt so badly that tears were just falling from my eyes with out permission....My ankle started to swell, I went to my bed and Sue brought me an ice pack, then my mom brought me some two twentie two's. Those have codeine in them which I am mildly allergic to. I didn't give a shit about that at that moment though, believe me. I just wanted the pain to stop. So I laid in my bed and cried for about an hour, not boohoo kinda cried, that leaky eye syndrome, rogue tears kinda cried. My mom kept checking on me, and Sheryl my cousins girlfriend. Then I had to use the rest room, that was an ordeal, Try asking a cat to stand on its head, that would be easier then me hobbling my fat injured ass to the bathroom. Ordeal accomplished I decided to lay on the couch instead of the bed, because the bed is very high, and I was beginning to feel the other hurts by this time. So my mom carried my blanket and pillow and ice pack to the couch for me, were I laid down and immediatley the tears began as soon as that ice pack touched my foot. Needless to say I took some more pain killers. After about a half n hour I was feeling pretty damn loopie. So I fell asleep for about a half n hour. When I woke up, my dog Daezee was laying on my hip and she wasn't letting any one near me!!! She is so protective of her mommy.I love that dog!
Well after I woke up I thought I would try sitting outside with everyone for awhile, my foot was feeling better etc etc. > Yeah I go to stand up and walk, I wanted to scream the pain was so horrible. I had to use the ladies again so I hobbled on over to the bathroom, again those bastard tears where flowing down my cheeks. I finally made it outside and visited for a bit, then we had dinner, and I had the kids pack up and my dad gave me a lift up the hill in his truck ,cuz there was no way, I could walk the ten feet up hill to my car. Drove an hour and fifteen minutes home and this is were I have sat for the last three hours. Eating ibuprofen, and wiping away those sneaky tears. I can't sleep so why bother trying, at least sitting here I have something to distract me!!!!!!!
Besides I don't know if I will be able to get out of bed tomarrow..I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful day!!!


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