Sunday, May 15, 2005

NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are definatley angels working here!
I called my friend K to see if she knew anybody that was selling a car for cheap.She said she didn't but that she would keep an eye out for me. An hour later she calls and says she found two vehicles in the paper and she and G where going to go check them out for me because she lives an hour away and they where in her area..
So an hour later, they called me back, K had driven the car, and G had checked everything out and they where talking to the guy for me.They told me about the car and I told them to tell the guy not to sell the car. G and K drove for an hour to come and pick me up and take me out there to the car.
I bought the car!!! It's an 89 Mercury Sable.There are a few minor problems that need to be fixed but hell thats easy enough. I paid 600.00 for the car.What amazes me about the whole thing is G and K going so far out of there way to help me get this car. Now those are friends! The love has gone both ways for sure,but I never expected that they would do something so sweet.I love you G and K!!!!
Been busy cleaning all day again. Today we moved everything I have left ( not much) out of the living room and swept and mopped and scrubbed the hard wood floor and the walls and kick boards and all that.Man my muscles ACHEEEEEE. Feels good to have accomplished so much today though. I gotta lay down but I have some blogs to visit!!! I want to see what everyone has been up to today:)
Have a glorious and lovely day all.....

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