Monday, May 30, 2005


You are all so sweet, the comments left to me where so lovely. I am feeling a bit better today, I did actually sleep rather well for once. Pain does that to me, I sleep through it.
When I woke up this morning, I rolled over and then yelped cuz I hurt my leg when I rolled.
It seems that I have pulled the inner upper muscle in my thigh. Its not the groin muscle, thank god, ThAT is sOmE HurTinG there!! Anywho, many muscles in my back are SCREAMING at me. My arm hurts but not to bad.. Its just mostly my back, leg, and ankle. All though the ankle is barely swollen. I cannot go to the Doctor. I have zero health insurance and I don't have 15 dollars for an office visit, or money for ex rays, or anything like that, that the Dr. would surely want to do. What really bites is that I have no money for pain killers, I would dearly love some morphine right about now. No more codeine, I am regretting that today..the mild allergie I spoke of is now kicking my ass and I have no benadryl..Thats okay, I would rather be itchy and all that today then have the pain yesterday..
I will survive this too, I am one tough cookie , I don't let much get me down I tell ya what. Maybe a little blue, but not DOWN. I WILL NOT FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO!!!! Okay so I WILL NOT STAY DOWN!!!!!!!!!!
I want to take some time to thank my neighbor for being in the services. He has been back from Iraq for about a month now, He has chosen to go back in six months, so that means he will be leaving in five. This man has a wife, and four children whom he leaves behind every time he goes. Not to mention all his other extended family. His wife works to keep herself occupied while he is gone. The older kids pitch in to help their mom. Being boys who want to go play in the creek after school, they are home, doing laundry and dishes and helping their little sister with home work, and changing their other little sisters diapers. The wifes mother comes to stay for a week here and there just to keep her daughter company and help in any way she can. While HE is off fighting in a war that in the end will benefit the world. Just you watch....
Mr. Neighbor, my heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes out to you and all your commrads today. To every man and woman who has ever died for our freedom, to every man and woman who fight for it now. For every service person who has been injured fighting for the rights of our country and the rights of others in the world. God bless you all each and every one.
Be safe out there ladies and gentleman, Its a glorious but dangerous world out there!!!!

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