Wednesday, May 04, 2005

OOodles Of Noodles and More...!!!

Hi, this is Noodles, my Woman, DL is supposed to be here as a guest but I snuck in here to see if I could find anything interesting to get into.

Gee, I wonder what that S.S.S. thing is on the side there? I wonder if it’s something wiggly I could play with? I'll have to check that out later.

I had a very busy day today. I started this morning, crying at the Woman for some food, of course, she obeys my every command and soon my dish was full. After eating a bit, I got distracted by my ball with the bell inside and decided to chase it, but when I came back to my dish it was empty, the stupid dog ate my food. Someday I will be big enough to get even with that dog.

Then I decided to jump up on the kitchen counter. The woman really hates when I get up there so I have to go up there when she is not looking. Uh Oh, I knocked the plant off the window sill, she is going to be real mad! Maybe if I jump down quick before she sees, she won’t realize that it was me and she’ll blame the dog.

Then the Woman went into that cold basement, a few minutes later she brought up THAT BOX. The one that I came home in from the pet store. I like playing in the box, but then sometimes the Woman puts me in there and closes it and then she takes me and puts me inside this big machine that growls real loud. I hate the big machine, it scares me and I cry. I think the big machine wants to eat me.

When she takes me in the big machine, it’s usually to take me to the Vet. I don’t like the Vet, even though he talks nice to me and pets me, I usually get poked with something sharp when I am not looking, I think it is the Vet man’s claws and it really makes my butt hurt.

If I would have known that was where she was taking me, I would have ran and hid somewhere where the Woman wouldn’t be able to find me!! And this time the Vet man poked me twice!!! Ouch, ouch, ouch!!!

When we got back home, I was really mad at the Woman, so I decided to pull some pranks. The first thing I did was learn how to turn the Big Black Box on, a little box was sitting on the table, so I knocked it off onto the floor, and stepped on the buttons. Now I can watch the Big Black Box whenever I feel like it. The Woman took it from me though and turned it off.

So I decided to jump on the Woman’s lap and see if I could sneak up on the desk and steal some pens. But she pushed me down, so I decided to race around the house and see what else I could have fun with. The dog was sleeping so I decided to pounce on her ear and see if she would get up and play with me, but she only rolled over on her back. Stupid, stupid dog. Then I went upstairs to see if there was anything I could play with up there, I went in the bathroom and played with the white paper for a while, shredding pieces off onto the floor. And then I found a little plastic thing on the floor and chased that around for a while.

After a while, I got very sleepy and decided to find a nice spot to take a nap on. I like the dog’s sleepy pillow, it’s so soft and comfy, so I laid on it, which makes the dog mad and then she bothers me. So I left and went upstairs to hide and sleep for a while. It was so cool, the Woman left her bedroom door open so I went in and slept on the big bed, I love sleeping there, even though I am not supposed to.

Now I am awake again, and looking for something to do, so here I am...uh oh, here comes my Woman!!! I better go!! Bye!!!!

"Noodles!! What are you doing up there? Scat!!! Shoo!!!" Oooh, that cat, she is always up to trouble with a big, fat, capital T. So what was she up to here? Looking to mess up the queen's blog more than likely. Hmmmph.

Wow, looks like the queen isn't moving after all, after all that work and all. Well, I hope she's ok with it, after all being all psyched up about moving, I am sure it must be somewhat of a let down. Sometimes it's a real bummer when things don't happen the way we plan. But when things don't work out like we want, there is usually because there is something bigger and better in the works for us.

Well, anyway, I want to thank the queen for having Noodles and I here, it was a blast!!!


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