Monday, May 23, 2005

Sunstains on my wall

I sit here at my computer desk in such a way that I can watch the sunlight dance on the wall. You see its late evening, there is a large tree in the yard several feet from the house, there is a piano window ( small high window) in the west wall of the house. Across the west wall on the east wall there is a blank place. When ever I have been asked why I don't decorate that particular space, I tell folks, thats where my sunstains go. There is something so beautiful, so peaceful, so awe inspiring about that dancing light on my wall. It is different every night. Depending on if its winter or summer, on if its windy, breezy, or still. It occured to me the other day that God made that stain on my wall every evening. He created the sun and the earth, he created that tree, and the wind. He created man and man built this house, and that window that the suns light seeps through. God made this miracle of light and shadow, shade and outer light. God made this light shine through into my house, onto my wall, into my life, and onto my soul.
I may not always remember to walk with the lord, but by golly he never forgets to walk with me.

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