Thursday, May 26, 2005


Momergy is my new word for mom related emergency.
My dad took my mom to the hospital at 4 this morning. She has a colostomy bag, which has been in place since she was 16. There have been problems with the damn thing causing her to back up or get obstructions, she has had infections internal and external. There is also a tremendous amount of scar tissue from having so many surgies, the scar tissue is now the issue and has caused an obstruction. Unfortunately this means that she will probably need to have surgery. This is very scary, especially to my mom as her last surgery five years ago almost became the death of her. After surgery she was recovering nicely when suddenly she was finding it very difficult to breathe. They caught the blood clot in time and she had to take medication for almost two years because of it. So now here she is in the hospital again and scared of facing that O.R. again. I am going to be going to the hospital here in a while to see her. There are many of you who read my blog who are of a religious and spiritual nature, can I ask you to please pray for my mom in whatever way your religion or spirtuality guides you. To please send postitive thoughts and energy her way. I love my mom. I am not ready for anything to happen to her, if it does, then I will know that God needed her home, I just don't want him to need her when I selfishly still do.....I love you mom, please get better..

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